Chameleon Lilac Polka Shoes


Baby first steps cotton shoes with print. They are baby shoes that change color with sunlight so your little one can have fun while learning to walk comfortably and safely.

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The baby shoes that change with the sunlight. This visual stimulation promotes their cognitive development, their learning capacity and their intelligence. In this way your little one will learn to walk with comfortable, safe, fun, stable shoes and, above all, that help the correct development of their little feet.
The sole is designed with small suction cups to make it non-slip, and thanks to its TPE materials it is breathable and non-toxic. In addition, it is designed so that the baby has touch on the sole of the foot and can develop the ability to react to external agents while walking.
This is a first-step shoe recommended by podiatrists, since, although it is best to go barefoot, BigToes Chameleon is ideal for when it is not safe to walk without protection. BigToes Chameleon is not just another first-step shoe, it is the perfect shoe for learning to walk while your little one has a great time.


  • The sole changes color!: Changes color with sunlight. Motivates the child to move from the sun to the shade.
  • Breathable sole: The holes in the sole release heat and moisture from the foot for the child’s comfort and hygiene.
  • Non-toxic materials: Special for sensitive and atopic skin. The sole material is TPE, used in baby bottle nipples.
  • Scientific design: They help the crawling process and learning to walk.
  • Non-slip sole: Its small suction cup technology prevents possible slips or falls
  • Loose toe: Promotes the mobility of the fingers, important for the baby’s cognitive and motor development.

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