Bigtoes Raise infant car seat


Bigtoes Raise, the best child seat for all stages of the baby and the safest for traveling in the car.


The Bigtoes Raise I-size 40-150 cm baby car seat is the best option for parents looking for security, peace of mind and comfort on every trip. An adaptable car seat, easy to install, with ISOFIX connectors and a support leg (this can be hidden when not needed).

Baby car seat available in three different colors: diamond black, pearl gray and dark gray. Take a look at our collection and choose the one you like the most and best matches the upholstery of your vehicle.

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Raise car seat, approved and suitable for the 3 stages of your baby

At Bigtoes, as a brand manufacturer of childcare products, and after many years of experience, we have designed and developed an I-Size approved baby car seat that complies with the ECE R129 regulations. It also provides comprehensive protection against side impacts according to R129 regulations and I-size regulations.

If you are looking for safe baby seats designed by and for your little one, the Bigtoes Raise is your best option.

It is one of the best brands of baby seats, since it adapts to all stages of the child, being the perfect option for their growth and development. It adjusts to stage 1, 2 and 3 perfectly, depending on the needs of each moment.


Comfortable and adaptable car seats

This baby car seat allows 360º rotation with a fixed position every 90º, and can be used from 40 cm to 150 cm. It has Isofix safety accessories: connectors and guides, as well as a safe anti-tip system for greater protection.

In addition, it has a headrest with 16 different positions and the seat allows up to 4 different reclining positions and is covered with removable washable covers for greater hygiene and safety. It adapts to your child’s comfort at all times.

Another of its most notable accessories is the extendable and concealable support leg, which allows greater stability when driving and can be stored when not needed. The safety harness can also be hidden when not in use, without having to remove it.

We think about your baby and his well-being, which is why the interior and textiles of the seat are made of visco-comfort, padded and breathable fabrics to offer greater comfort. And the harness has non-slip pads to provide more safety.


Bigtoes Raise, the car seat that adapts to your little one

When installing a child car seat in the car, it is very common to ask questions such as: which car seat should a baby use, what does group 1, 2 and 3 mean, or when should the seat installation be changed.

At Bigtoes we explain the different stages and characteristics of children’s seats in each case:

  • Stage 1:
    • 40 – 105 cm rearward facing
    • Maximum recline position (position 4) and complete inner cashion.
    • Use support leg and isofix.
    • Tip: remove parts of the inner cashion according to your baby’s growth.
    Do not remove the inner cashion before the child is 60 cm height.
    • Recommendation: Carry this position up to 4 years old.
  • Stage 2:
    • 76 – 105 cm forward facing (it is legally prohibited to carry the child
    forward facing before 15 months of age)
    • Use support leg and isofix.
    • You can remove the inner cashion and play with the 4 recline positions, as well as the
    headrest height positions depending on the size and growth of your little one.
  • Stage 3:
    • 105 – 150 cm forward facing
    • Less reclined position (Position 1)
    • Hide the support leg and use with a 3-point seat belt
    • Isofix or non-isofix installation (follow the manufacturer’s instructions)
    • Fit the headrest height position depending on the size and
    growth of your little one

Frequent questions

Bigtoes Raise is a car seat approved for children from 40 to 150 cm, from birth to approximately 11 years.

When your little one grows and is moving forward, you can hide the support leg to use the vehicle’s 3-point seat belt.

You won’t need to dismantle them. They can be hidden behind the chair when they are no longer going to be used, without having to dismantle them.

Multi-stage car seats are perfect as a second car seat, since they can be adapted to any child. You can have it in the second car, in your grandparent´s car or if you have a caregiver.

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