Bigtoes Chameleon first steps barefoot baby shoes


Chameleon, the baby shoes that change color with sunlight


The Bigtoes Chameleon are the shoes for baby’s first steps that change color so that your little one can have fun while learning to walk comfortably and safely.

Baby shoes that change color to stimulate their cognitive ability and encourage them to learn to walk and reinforce crawling. Fun and learning for the little ones! Discover our entire collection of baby shoes for first steps from size 18 to 22: the sole changes color, they are safe and much more comfortable thanks to their shape and design. Firm, comfortable and fun-filled steps.

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What are Bigtoes Chameleon color changing shoes?

BigToes Chameleon is the first steps barefoot shoes that provides your baby with comfort and safety with extra fun. These shoes to learn to walk change color, stimulating and awakening the curiosity of the little ones. This motivates them to crawl and walk to see their little shoes change color like a chameleon.

In addition, this visual stimulation promotes their cognitive development, their learning capacity and their intelligence. They learn to walk with soft and comfortable barefoot baby shoes, while they discover colors and fun while playing.

Learn to walk playing with colors

BigToes Chameleon were born with the need to provide babies with the greatest comfort, safety and fun during their first steps. Therefore, the sole changes color in sunlight. This awakens the curiosity of the little ones and motivates them to walk and crawl to experience the color change again and again.


Features of our barefoot baby shoes to learn walkig


Breathable sole

Your feet sweat 2.5 times more than those of adults. The holes allocated in the sole release heat and moisture from the foot for the child’s comfort and hygiene.


Loose toe

The fingers have total mobility, which is important for the baby’s cognitive and motor development. Moving your fingers stimulates cartilage, which is forming in bones with growth.


Non-toxic materials

Special materials for sensitive and atopic skin. The sole material is TPE, which is used in the nipples of baby bottles, pacifiers and teethers. No glue is used.


Color change!

This new technology causes the sole to change color with sunlight. It motivates the child to move from the sun to the shade and motivates their curiosity.


Scientific design

The shoe last adjusts for optimal comfort. Scientifically proven to help the process of crawling and learning to walk.


Non-slip sole

Perfect for wet or slippery floors. A technology of small suction cups adheres to the surface, preventing possible slips or falls.

It is very important to choose the best footwear for babies to ensure that their first steps are safe, stable, comfortable and, above all, help the correct development of their little feet. That’s why the Bigtoes Chameleon bearfoot shoes are designed for this. They are not just another shoe for first steps, they are the perfect footwear for learning to walk.

The sole is designed with small suction cups to make it a non-slip shoe, and thanks to its quality TPE materials it is breathable and non-toxic. In addition, it is designed so that the baby has touch on the sole of the foot and can develop the ability to react to external agents while walking.

Little shoes for walking while having fun and learning.

How to choose the size of your baby's first shoe?

We help you choose the size of your little one’s first shoe.

Measure your little foot.
Calculate about 3 or 5 mm more and you will have the size.

Why choose Bigtoes Chameleon first steps shoes?

The first steps footwear in our online catalog has been made with flexible material that allows the limbic system and important reflexes to develop in the first months, such as the Babinski reflex and the plantar reflex. These reflexes influence the sole of the foot, knees, hips and lower back of babies. Therefore, if these reflexes are developed and integrated, the child will have more skill in the foot and a better stride.

For this, the toe of the Bigtoes Chameleon is very loose, they are shaped like the toe of a clown’s shoe. In this way, the fingers have complete mobility to promote the development of the cartilage and allow them to move and open the fingers to give them stability. That is, when taking their first steps with Bigtoes Chameleon, the little ones will be able to support both the sole of the foot and the toes, which will help them with greater stability. And, as we mentioned before, when the sunlight hits on the shoes, they change color. They love this!

These are baby first steps shoes recommended by podiatrists, since, although it is best to go barefoot, BigToes Chameleon is ideal for when it is not safe to walk without protection.

Frequent questions

Choosing the correct size is very important so that your baby is comfortable and has complete freedom of movement. Measure the sole of the foot, calculate 3-5 mm more and that will be the size. 

Yes, all models change color to different colors. When they return to the shade, the original color returns.

The insole is the best option if your little one is between two sizes. Choose the large size and add the insole to better adapt to the foot.

You can spend them both at home and abroad. Although it is true that the color can only change when you go outdoors with them.

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