Bigtoes Socks


The best-selling Chameleon shoes, made into socks


Bigtoes Socks are non-slip socks ideal for babies, children and adults, matching the first steps shoes. A perfect idea to walk around the house together.

Non-slip socks are ideal for walking around the house safely and comfortably. The little ones will not slip or fall, and the older ones will have fun walking along with the little ones.

We have 6 sizes of Bigtoes socks available, both for baby, child and adult. This way the whole family can take their combined steps. A fun way to walk and learn all together! Walking around the house is now much safer and more fun.

Online catalog of non-slip socks for babies and adults


Non-slip socks for the whole family

Bigtoes Socks baby and adult socks are soft, comfortable, breathable, warm and very fun. They are the ideal option for the little ones to start walking freely around the house without slipping on the floor.

In addition, now parents and the rest of the family can also go together. We have a variety of sizes of socks for adults with the aim of everyone dressing the same and having a good time.


Give away a pack of Bigtoes Socks socks

Now you can buy non-slip baby and adult socks in different sizes and in a gift box. And you can also personalize the pack with the phrase you want!

Choose the sock models that you like the most and surprise the family you want. It is a fun, original and, above all, very safe gift. Fun is assured!

Why choose non-slip baby socks

Your baby’s first steps are very important, so take care of his little fish too. For this, in addition to the first step shoes, the Bigtoes Socks are the socks for learning to walk and take their first steps.

They are safe, thanks to the non-slip rubber included in the sole, so they can walk and crawl around the house with peace of mind without the risk of falling or slipping. Plus, they are super soft and very comfortable to offer a much more fun experience.

With our matching baby and adult socks designs, you can give this pack to whoever you want. Now children and adults can take their steps together while learning to identify colors and shapes.

Frequent questions

Yes, you can buy them individually without the box or with the box and card to dedicate whatever you want to the family you are going to give them to. If you want the box, you can select it when you go to make the purchase.

As they are the same designs as the best-selling shoe models, you can combine the sock model with the same shoe model.

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