Bigtoes Rider 360
Bigtoes Rider 360 platform


Rider 360, the platform for the 360 vision


The Bigtoes Rider 360 rider is the perfect accessory for the baby stroller with which to walk your two little ones in a calm, safe and fun way. Also, allow your child to sit facing you or his little brother.

Discover the extra platform for strollers and make it your first choice. At Bigtoes we have developed this item with your little one in mind at all times: it is fully comfortable, safe and very funny.

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Platform for your older kid

This model of rider has been designed to offer a much more comfortable and safe experience for your little one. That’s why it has 360 technology that allows your little one to sit forward or rearward facing.

Platform with universal connector that fits all strollers and pushchairs

The Rider 360 model is a universal rider, adaptable to any stroller. It has a wide base so your little one can place their feet and it comes with extendable arms so they can walk much more comfortably.

The platform has 4 spaced wheels to provide greater stability and comfort when traveling next to the baby stroller. It can be easily installed and allows you to adjust it to 3 different positions. The seat is removable, so the child can sit or stand.


Bigtoes Rider 360, comfortable and fun rider

This platform is the ideal accessory to enjoy family walks and have fun together. It is very safe thanks to its three-point harness, so when you sit down, your little one will be very calm and safe without scares or falls.

In addition, the seat has a padded cover to make the ride much more comfortable and much easier to wash. The backrest can be adjusted, depending on the height and age of the child. Since it supports up to 25 kg.

We have the most fun rider: it includes a steering wheel so you can play and have fun while sitting or standing. The ideal stroller accessory for your little ones up to 6-7 years old!

This rider is approved and complies with current regulations for its use. We offer peace of mind and security to all parents who trust us. We are parents too and we want the best for the little ones.

How to install a rider

It is very simple. The platform contains an accessory that allows it to be attached to the stroller where the carrycot will go with the baby. And when you operate the stroller, the rider will slide safely. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

The entire Bigtoes team is at your disposal to answer all your questions and explain everything you need about the best rider on the market.

Frequent questions

Yes, the Rider platform is universal. Thanks to its extendable arms in three different positions and adjustable in height, in addition to the harnesses, you can adapt it to any pushchair or stroller.

You can carry the stroller with total comfort. It has a large rear area to place your feet so that it is not an obstacle when carrying the stroller.

Yes, you can take it with or without a seat. The seat is easily removed to leave only the base for your little one to ride on.

No, the steering wheel does not control the direction of the scooter. It has a swivel play function so that your little one can have a great time while riding on it, but moving it will not affect the direction.

The Rider platform is approved up to 25kg.

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