Bigtoes Versa Evolutionary Baby Tricycle


Bigtoes Versa, the 8-in-1 evolutionary tricycle


The Bigtoes Versa evolutionary baby tricycle is perfect for little ones from 1 to 6 years old, up to approximately 25 kg. The most fun way to learn to walk, maintain balance and have a great time.

Discover the collection of our evolutionary baby tricycles and choose the model you like the most. We have a great variety of colors designed by and for your little one!

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Versa, a baby tricycle with 8 different modes

At Bigtoes, as a brand specialized in the world of babies and the development of very careful and conscientious childcare products, we have designed an evolutionary tricycle designed for each stage of your little one.

For this reason, the Versa model has 8 different modes in one:
Tricycle with parental control and forward-facing hood
Tricycle with parental control and forward-facing hood Tricycle with parental control, hood and forward-facing reclining Tricycle with parental control, hood and forward-facing reclining gear Tricycle with parental control Tricycle with pedals Tricycle without pedals Balance bike

In short, the Bigtoes Versa tricycle adapts to the needs of your boy or girl, and adjusts to each stage of their development and growth.


Features of the Versa Evolutionary Baby Tricycle

This baby tricycle is designed to be used for a long period of time, since it is designed for babies and children from 1 to 6 years old. In this way, it can be adapted to different stages of your little one’s growth.

It is designed so that your little one can have fun safely and comfortably. The seat of the tricycle is padded and has a high, reclining backrest. In addition, it is reversible and can be reclined both forward and backward in different positions. It can also be disassembled to convert it into a balance bike.

Fun and safe rides with the Bigtoes versa evolutionary tricycle

Safety is essential for our little ones, which is why Versa has a three-point harness, a detachable and removable safety bar, rear wheel brake, pedal locking system, and the front wheel allows parental control or free mode.

This type of evolutionary tricycles are easy to assemble and drive, and the push bar adapts to different measurements depending on the needs or the situation. It also includes a storage bag for the little one’s accessories and things.


Features of the Versa Evolutionary Baby Tricycle

An evolutionary tricycle is a much more stable and safe three-wheeled bike so that the child can learn to slide. Being evolutionary, it allows one of the three wheels to be removed to become a bicycle, as it grows and needs to learn to move with greater balance.

This type of toy for babies is perfect in the stage of growth and development, from their first year to 6 years old, more or less. Therefore, by purchasing an evolutionary tricycle you help them strengthen their leg muscles and learn the dragging technique.

Frequent questions

The evolutionary tricycle is a great alternative to strollers that adapt to the growth of your little one. Being evolutionary, it offers the child a high degree of adaptability to each of their stages and according to the extent they reach in their growth.

In the case of the Bigtoes Versa tricycle, your little one can use it from one year to 6 years old. You can use it as a reversible stroller, as a tricycle with a bar, a tricycle without a bar and a balance bike.

These are the most important benefits of evolutionary tricycles, although they have many more:
Development of coordination: The coordinated movements of the arms and legs necessary to start the tricycle help the development of this skill. In the same way they develop strength and body balance.
Improves spatial orientation: When they begin to control the tricycle, they learn to control distances better.
Strengthens the cardiovascular and muscular systems: Activates circulation and increases heart rate. With exercise your heart becomes stronger and stronger. The respiratory system is also strengthened and helps brain tissues have greater oxygenation.
Promotes the autonomy and independence of the little ones: Their self-confidence and self-esteem increase when they are able to ride the tricycle alone. They become more confident and will no longer depend as much on parents to enjoy the ride.
Increases your creativity: And, in addition, it stimulates your senses. Participate in a race, be a taxi driver for his toys,… These are just some of the adventures you can live with him.

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